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Specially formulated for interactive touch screens to help resist dirt and fingerprints but can be used on any types of displays.


Introducing the first polymer and fully synthetic based cleaning solution for interactive touch screens. After years in the AV installation field, the one question that always came up was “what do we clean our new touch screen monitor with?”. With most of the cleaners on the market being alcohol and ammonia-based that leaves streaks and residue on the brand new screens it was hard to recommend any product. That’s when we sought out to make a solution that would actually clean and protect screens.



What's Inside

SC-551 is the first polymer/synthetic cleaner and protector for LCD and LED displays, that is manufactured in the US.


  • 1 bottle of SC-551 (4oz / 118.2 mL)
  • 1 Microfiber Cloth.

Polymer is as a friction reducer for products with oil-based contact. The human body naturally produces oil, especially via our hands. Contact with a display will leave a residue, and make navigation of a touchscreen slow and jumpy on movement. SC-551 with polymer not only cleans the dirt from the screen, but it also breaks down the oils clinging to the screen, making it easier to win away with our microfiber cloth.


Alcohol-Ammonia Free

SC-551 solution also allows for gloss and matte bezel and frame to be cleaned. Like with the screen displays, it will also remove dirt and fingerprints to maintain a like new look and feel.

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